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April 1984

Dad Found a Van

On March 28, 1984, Dad bought a 1966 Chevy Van for $300 that he spotted across the street from his bus depot in Mankato, Minnesota. I had asked him to keep his eyes open for an older Chevy van for my travels this summer, and he found just the van I'd pictured in my mind. The two of us drove down to Mankato the following Monday, April 2, 1984, in my 68 Chevy convertible, and after putting air in the left rear tire, drove the van back to Dad's place.


It's still there in his garage. We've been fixing the many miscellaneous little things wrong with it. I think Dad thinks it has to be in show condition in order for me to hit the road. Although I'm excited about my new vehicle, I am refraining from driving it till it's mechanically sound (new tires, exhaust leak, engine knock, aside from the recent repairs— new clutch, throwout bearing, pressure plate, brake and backup lights, and blinkers). Not to mention the fact that I haven't paid Dad anything yet, and borrowed $75 besides. I now have to face the unwelcome challenge of selling my convertible, my four-wheel-drive Camaro, and my old Harley Sprint.


Rich and Old Blue

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