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February 1984

What a World

What a marvelous world I live in. I'd have said "we", but, as it's been written by others, I do live in my own world; for no one else exists in a world quite like mine. Although it seems, in retrospect, that I've spent most of my life so far attempting to make my life identical to others', the key to my own peace of mind looks to be in "uniqueness", and making my life more what I like. And very few, if any, of the people I've dealt with have agreed with all of my values. But now I see that other people will never be able to agree or disagree with the real me and my values if they never see me for what I am. And they won't be able to do this if I'm not acting like myself, if I'm acting in contrary to my feelings, which is easy to do. I am the one in my world who decides what's going to happen, which way it's going to go. As long as I can remember this, this will remain true. Sounds simple. Probably isn't.

This wasn't quite what I'd intended to write. I wanted to say: What a wonderful world I live in. The moon shines light on me through the limbs and branches of the trees reaching out for spontaneous misty night clouds. The sky and clouds curve to meet horizon around me, reminding me of the wide world that lies in front of me, requiring only my movement ahead into it to allow it to teach me, to inform me of all that it is. In such a world I would think that I could only be ambitious and optimistic. Yet at times I'm down.

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A beautiful woman, a beautiful face. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but it's more in the mind. Men can fix their cars, they can run and rule the world. Yet a certain glance or stare can displace any man's thoughts, be him powerful or not. I am not alone. But I am alone in dealing with it. A woman's face or figure can rest and dwell in my mind—for what reason I do not know. I find I'm angry if a chance is missed to view or talk with one. And I'm usually disappointed with what was said or done. Probably mostly because I don't know what I'm hoping for. What am I to do with a pretty face I see? Paintings and fantasies are all that I can do. But neither one do very much, until I find someone new.

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If I can remember that I can do whatever I want to do in this life of mine, what am I to do if I don't know what it is I want to do?! I was just trying to tell my buddy that what we do today, tonight, will become our life. Things we do today will be tomorrow's memories. We feel trapped by how much freedom we have, probably mainly because we don't know how to use it, execute it. It's easy to just let life happen. It's automatic. But to make it the life we want, however possible it is, is still very difficult.

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