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The Cycle

My mom surprised me the other day. After being off work and sitting in her house for three weeks for the healing foot, she had come to an important realization. She realized that her condominium was just a building, four walls that she sleeps and eats in. Once her knickknacks were all bought and in place and the place cleaned and she had come to a stop, she looked around and saw it was nothing to revolve your life around. In fact her house was causing her to have to work her life away. She pays all her bills to keep this house to live in while she goes to work to make money to pay the bills. Do you see the cycle?

I told her I thought this was valuable thinking on her part and that it should give her some insight into what I'm doing on my trip. When I eliminate, or at least reduce, my living costs (rent, heat, electric, phone, water) the cycle is broken. I don't have to work every day to support myself and maintain a lifestyle that is really much more luxurious than I need.

Mom is back to work now. I'll have to see if her "break" influences her life at all.



The first page in my trip journal is labeled "Stuff." It lists all of my belongings and who I left them with. Click photo to see full-size.

Posted by VANagain 23:27

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The first page in my trip journal is labeled "Stuff". It lists all of my belongings and who I left them with. I wanted to really find out which things were needs and which were just wants. There was only so much room in the van so I had to really pare down to the basics. It felt so good to be unencumbered by all that stuff. And it's funny to look at that list now and see how short it is. How much stuff would a 23-year-old have in 1984, compared to nowadays?! - Rich

by VANagain

A house is just a place to keep your stuff while you go out and get more stuff.
Have you ever noticed that their stuff is shit and your shit is stuff?
George Carlin

by LeftCoast 65

You ask: How much stuff would a 25-year-old have in 1984, compared to nowadays?!
1. Smartphone
2. ATM card linked to dad's bank account
3. "Journey" (filling the blank with your favorite musical group) T-shirt.

by LeftCoast65

LOL Leftie! (and geez, now that I think about it, my handle here coulda-shoulda been based on my new RV! Icon14 or...)

And Rich, dude, you have the list? You gotta post it!

When I was living and traveling in my car one summer, I had so much stuff in there with me, plenty of it sort of odd, so I got kind of fascinated by what people had in THEIR cars, typically. Tried to elicit lists from people, hoping to compile a collection (kind of like the book, Material World, only in list form). I still think it would have been interesting, but I couldn't get anybody to do it.

Now that I'm in my own process of "breaking the cycle," liquidating all my shit (my shit is stuff that is good CRAP!) so that I can move into the Icon, well... this post really resonated with me. I realize I've been somewhat suppressing my jonesing for the simpler life ever since I left the last RV up in Newfoundland.

by arenalargo

I find that the less stuff I have and the more simplified my life, the happier I am!

by Cousin Carolyn

Stuff does weigh you down. My mom said that every thing you own requires maintenance. Even little knickknacks on a shelf need to be cleaned and dusted.
I added to this page the first page of my journal which shows everything I owned when I was 22!

by VANagain

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